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This project is born within the course of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in the Master of Science in Evironmental and Landplanning Engineering at Politecnico di Milano (Como Campus), academic year 2009-2010. The aim of the project is the realization of a webGIS able to collect the available cadastrial and cartographic information about the city of Como in the past. This work originates from an ancient city-map of 1722, given by Comune di Como to Politecnico and then geo-referenced in UTM coordinates using the PCI OrthoEngine software. The city has been divided into parishes on the base of what that map reported; each of them was assigned to a different group of students (composed by three or four people).

The webGIS has been realized thanks to Map Server, an open-source development environment for the webGIS implementation created by the University of Minnesota and pmapper: a framework meant to offer broad functionality and multiple configurations in order to facilitate the setup of a MapServer application based on PHP/MapScript. Two main elements have to be defined to realize such a kind of GIS: the mapfile and the template file. The first is a text file with specific extension *.map used by Map Server to define map configuration and visualization properties such as layers, their cartographic projection, the colours, the symbols, web publishing properties of maps, labels, etc. The second is instead a simple HTML page that represent the user-webGIS interface and provides additional information.


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