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Como and its history

The main idea of the project 'Como and its history' is to recreate the evolution of the historic centre of the town. The buildings of the city were divided according to an existing partition, found in a map of the Como parishes in 1722.
Each area is characterized by the presence of a church and buildings of high historical and cultural value. For each area a webGIS was made using "p.mapper" to produce an interface for information management. Historic maps, obtained by the State Archive, have been acquired and georeferenced. Moreover, several parcels were marked by a series of information dating back to the 70s in order to make intelligible the dynamics of historical events that affected the old city.

Some of the webGIS designed and built by students for the course of Geographic Information Systems A.Y. 2009/2010

Laboratory Tutor:
Sara Lucca
Luana Valentini

Laboratorio di Geomatica - via Valleggio 11 - 22100 Como

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