Multihazard risk reduction in municipalities of the altipiano of La Paz.

The following web based Geographic Information System (webGIS), aims to provide access trough the internet to thematic cartography, related to different types of hazard present in the Ayata region, Bolivia. It also contains geo-information of infrastructure required for responding to emergency situations.

Using the presented tool is advantageous in the sense that the access to the geo-data is instantaneous, with the minimum requirement of a PC and availability of internet connection, without needing additional software or direct access to the data. It is possible to view and query the existing information.

There are four hazard layers (flood, hail, frost, and landslide), one of multi-hazard, also water streams, roads, and a diversity of buildings that may be useful in roughening the preparedness for eventual emergency states. By overlaying of the different layers, it is possible to locate those sites present in hazardous areas and take decisions in order to reduce the vulnerability of the population. It is also possible to query the layers to obtain the values of their attributes, which help in the quantification of the risk.

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Developed by Santiago Vélez Garcia