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Introduction to BOLIVIA Project
Web GIS of Aucapata of Bolivia

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The Project

Our aim is to improve decision making process upon planning and disaster preparedness of the Muņecas province with technical information, to find out the exact nature of vulnerability to natural hazards of the local population in order to sensitize the local population, by using adequate information for emergency management and to foster a genuine development policy including mitigation works and support infrastructure realizations.

The Bolivia Location

Bolivia is situated in the middle of South America. It has an estension of 1.098.581 square kilometers and its inhabitants are 8.274.325 or 8.857.870, according to different estimates. The capital is Sucre, while the government has place in La Paz. The most populated city is Santa Cruz de la Sierra with about 1,5 milions of abitants. Bolivia is divided into nine Departments. Every Department is then divided in Provinces, for a total amount of 112 Provinces on the whole Country. Again, every Province contains many Municipalities which are subdivided in Cantones. Aucapata is located in Muņecas Province, which has 25.848 inhabitants with 99,5% of poverty and an average HDI of 0,447.The Spoken languages are Aymara and Quechua.

Project Details

In this area, there are four disarsters as following, flood, frost, hail and landslides. Especially for landslides, which covers almost all the area. At the same time, frost and hail area cover half of the area. In that case, predicting disaster is a necessary target. Our project focus on the hazards prediction, and each disarster has its own legend in order to get a clear view of affecting place. It is easy to find roads, schools, villages and so on, which located in the disarster area.

The Team

This Web GIS has been developed by: Lu Shujuan, Zeng Qinwen, Hou Wenwen

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