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OGC Web geoservices for environmental monitoring

The work aims to implement, on a real case study and of general interest, some web geoservices in order to verify and present their characteristics and potentials. The services implemented, following the standards of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), are the Sensor Observation Service (SOS), for the publication and access to information and measurements made by sensors, and the Web Processing Service (WPS), for the sharing of functions and computational models operating on a geo-referenced data. Specifically, we built a system that, through access to these geoservices, allows the publication and processing of monitoring air quality data collected by the Environmental Protection Agency of Lombardy (ARPA Lombardia). These data were gathered through a set of sensors scattered across the Lombardy region, capable of measuring the concentrations of major air pollutants. To implement these web geoservices, we used the istSOS for the Sensor Observation Service and the pyWPS for the Web Processing Service.

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